Total Living Air
Environment Platform
Our air that is threatened by fine dust and viruses.
We design air in your daily life to create a world where everyone can breathe safely.


Meet the future of clean living air created by Winicare.
Our living environment is exposed to environmental
threats that intensify every year such as fine dust, virus-
es, and harmful gases. Winicare provides a total living air
environment platform that prepares for environmental
and climate changes through advanced indoor and
outdoor air environment technology and products.We
communicate with customers, constantly invests in re-
search, and explores the world in order to ensure a
future where everyone can breathe and enjoy pleasant
environments safely.
The start of total living air
environment platforms
that ensure a safe, pleasant breathing experience anytime, anywhere

business area

위니케어 - Living environment total care
Living environment
Total Care Company
Air environment
electronic appliances
Sells and distributes electronic appliances that improve the air quality contaminated by fine dust, virus, harmful gases, etc.
Air environment
Provides a perfect air-conditioning system based on 44 years’ know-how
Designs and proposes air-conditioning systems customized to various environments including factories, buildings, public facilities, residential houses, etc.
Provides environment-improving products using a range of core technologies such as air flow interpretation, particle visualization, and analysis of harmful gases
development ODM
Develops environment-improving electronic appliances as a result of highly advanced technological integration and innovative products


In the age of year-round fine dust,
suggesting a new standard of
air purification
The powerful BLDC motor circulates air more
thoroughly while the triple filter system effectively
removes contaminants from superfine dust particles of
PM2.5 to bad odors.

Fine dust/Air quality control

  • Pure Lumi
    A two-in-one air purifier
    integrated with ceiling light
  • Pure Closet
    A built-in wardrobe that keeps
    clothes clean for long-term storage
  • Pure Gate
    A smart air showering disinfection
    system designed for entrance doors
    in multi-purpose facilities
In the age of pandemic,
we are creating the future of pressurization systems.
The compact-sized equipment can be easily installed in
a wide range of spaces. It is ideal for small indoor spaces
as it has powerful specifications that can cover a large
space and produce low noise.

Antivirus care

  • Portable negative
    pressure machine
    A small but powerful negative pressure machine that creates negative pressure wards.
  • Modular negative
    pressure machine
    Easy and convenient modular negative pressure wards
  • Mini negative
    pressure tent
    A single negative pressure tent to combat the pandemic
  • Negative pressure
    machine for vehicles
    A portable negative pressure machine for vehicles


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